Book One: A Mindful Murder

When Wanda Wayfair’s favourite yoga teacher is killed, there are many suspects. Luckily for Wanda, she has a special talent when it comes to investigating the murder of a witch.

Wanda is a Wayfarer, and when a witch is murdered, their familiar seeks Wanda out so they can solve the case together. But another Wayfarer has recently arrived on the scene, and she’s far more popular than Wanda.

Will Wanda get the case – and, if she does, will she prove herself worthy?

Wanda has a few other problems on her mind. She’s just started a new job, the guy she’s crazy about seems to be ignoring her, and there’s a mysterious delay in the construction of the town’s new school. But hopefully, with the help of her coven and her familiar, Dizzy, she’ll be able to cope with it all.

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Book Two: An Electric Engagement

When a dead body vanishes before her eyes, Wanda thinks things can’t get any worse. But soon, people who are one hundred percent alive are disappearing, too.

Melissa and Eddie have been taken, and Wanda believes their disappearance might be connected to a mysterious organisation called the Grove, who are about to hold one of their Dark Arts Auctions. Wanda and the gang must discover the Grove’s whereabouts before they can save their friends. Luckily, there’s a very small elephant (but he much prefers to be called a miniphant) to help them in their quest. They might just have another unknown helper, too.

While all of this is going on, it’s a little difficult for Will to find the right moment to pop the question – especially since the Grove seem to want to get hold of him, too. Can Will and Wanda save everyone, beat the Grove at their game, and finally get engaged? Find out in An Electric Engagement.

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Book Three: A Magnetic Marriage

After all this time, Wanda and Will are going to be married. But will things go as smoothly as they hope? When their Priestess is murdered the day before their wedding, it seems unlikely.

Cancelling the wedding is not an option. Wanda has been told that she and Will must be married before November’s out – if not, bad things will follow.

There is one remaining Grove member on the loose, and no matter how quiet Wanda tries to keep her plans, he is always one step ahead. It seems he is not working alone. But who could be helping Timothy Plimpton, when all of his former allies are in jail?

Wanda and the gang must discover the truth behind the Priestess’s murder, and find a new Priestess for their wedding. It seems an impossible task, but with the help of a swan called Siegfried, they might be able to piece the clues together and solve the mysteries in their path.

An impending marriage is not the only worry on Wanda’s mind. Dizzy’s girlfriend is ill, and Wanda can’t bear the thought that the little bat might suffer. She needs to summon some long-forgotten magic if she’s to save Flora in time.
There’s a lot for Wanda to contend with in A Magnetic Marriage, and she must do it all before November is out …

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