Book One: So You Think You’ve Married a Warlock?

(Release Date April 18th 2023)

Until the day she found the body, Essie’s life was average. But ever since then, things have been very, very strange.

Essie’s neighbours, and even her uncle, seem to be lying to her about Jolene Bly’s death. In fact, they seem to be lying to her about a whole host of things. Her neighbours have some interesting quirks, quirks which include an incredible sense of smell, and keeping unusual hours. And now, after beginning a new job, it seems her colleagues are keeping some secrets, too.

One of those colleagues is the handsome Julian Trent, and something momentous happens between them: when Essie and Julian touch, time stands still.

Part of Essie thinks she should stay away from Julian – she doesn’t even know what she is, let alone what Julian might be. But when a work trip to Las Vegas brings them closer than ever, it’s a little too late for second thoughts.
Essie must get to grips with her newfound magic, discover who’s killing her neighbours, and solve the secrets all around.

But there’s something else that Essie needs to figure out – has she just married a warlock?

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Book Two: So You Think You’re a Sleuth?

(Release Date June 22nd 2023)

Essie’s always wanted a sister, but she didn’t imagine that their first meeting would involve finding a body on the shore. When Essie recognises the dead woman, a new mystery unfolds.

Belinda, Essie’s sister, has quite enough on her mind without adding murder to the mix. The man she’s engaged to has begun to display some warlock-like tendencies. He also happens to be heading up the investigation into the death of the woman found on the shore.

Belinda’s not the only one with man trouble. Julian Trent insists he’s innocent, and Essie wishes she could believe him, but she can’t let herself get sucked in for a second time. She’s discovering more about their bond, about the history of Time Witches, and about her own vast power. She’s also getting closer to Sebastian, and becoming friends with Kim. The last thing she needs is to carry on caring for Julian.

Can Essie balance new family, a new mystery, and get to grips with her Time Witch powers? Find out in So You Think You’re a Sleuth?

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