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Killer Knight ImageBook One: Killer Knight at the Museum (Release Date June 4th 2024)

When a suit of armour walks into Annie’s family restaurant and confesses to murder, she knows two things: that the knight inside the armour sounds very attractive, and that her life is about to get messy.

Annie’s been hiding a gift (or a curse, in her opinion).  She has an affinity with magical objects – she feels them, communicates with them, and senses their history, whether it’s good or bad.  When she meets Sir Blake Bingley (AKA the suit of armour) it soon becomes clear that she’s able to control these objects, too.

Hugo Murray, Assistant Curator at the Museum of Magical Artefacts, is struggling to get the armour back to the museum.  The last thing Annie wants to do is get involved, because getting involved attracts notice.  But Hugo begs for Annie’s help – and offers her a job at the museum while he’s at it.

Working at the museum is nothing like Annie expected.  The boss is absent, her workmates are rude, and some of the artefacts are … odd.  But Annie’s going to stick it out for a while.  She’s the only one who can control Sir Blake, and she could be the only one who can solve the murder, too.  Sir Blake has confessed to the killing, sure.  But as far as Annie is concerned, the real killer is the person who brought him to life…

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Book Two: Murderous Mummy (Release Date July 30th 2024)

Murderous Mummy Image

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An ancient curse, a missing artefact, and a murderous mummy … life at the Museum of Magical Artefacts is as interesting as ever …

When a touring exhibition comes to the museum, Annie is itching to see it.  But when the exhibition finally opens, it might not stay open for long.  On day one, a mummy comes to life, commits murder, and goes on the run.

Annie has a lot going on.  Her familiar is missing, she has a crush on Jake Doolin, and she’s just started Pilates.  She doesn’t have time to solve a murder – and she certainly doesn’t want to deal with Laine Shannon, the cocky treasure hunter who’s asked her out.

As the murders stack up, Annie fears that she might have to get involved – in solving the case, at least.  An ancient artefact is calling to Annie, and it could be the key to the latest mystery at the museum…

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