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Book Release: Wayfair Witches Book Twelve

Wanda’s back for another adventure, but this time she’s not having much fun. She’s doing time in Witchfield Prison. But hey, it’s Wanda. Things’ll be all right in the end.

Doing Time

When Wanda kills Baldrick Berry, there’s only one place for her to go: Witchfield Prison.

Being an inmate isn’t much fun – not when Wanda’s the one who arrested a lot of of the prisoners in the first place. And not when two prisoners have died in mysterious ways. Even Witchfield itself has some secrets to be solved.

But when an angry little dog comes to haunt her, Wanda begins to realise that Baldrick’s death wasn’t quite as simple as it seemed.

Wanda must navigate prison life, deal with an angry ghost, and find out the truth. At the same time, she’s discovering new and frightening aspects to her power, and trying to understand her confusing feelings for Will …


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  1. I’m a real fan, and I’m enjoying your work. I apologize that this question is off-topic, but I couldn’t find you on Facebook to ask: What does “bricking it” mean? This American couldn’t figure it out in the context of Dizzy’s statement in book two. Thank you.

  2. Hi Angela,
    So glad you’re enjoying the books. It means you’re really scared/nervous about something. Like, if I were to say, ‘I’ve got an appointment with the dentist, I’m absolutely bricking it.’ I guess some phrases don’t cross the water 🙂 Hopefully it didn’t detract from your enjoyment of the book.

  3. Thank you for the answer; it’s so obvious, now! Not knowing absolutely did NOT detract from my reading experience! I review as ‘Bibliophile’ on Amazon and Goodreads of you’d care to see how much I’m enjoying the series, and and I’ve already moved on to “Wrapping up!”

  4. That’s good to hear, Angela 🙂

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