Lucky Witches Book Cover ImageHi Everyone,

Some of you might have noticed that Lucky Witches has already been released. If so, you might be wondering why I haven’t yet posted here to let you know.  Well, there is a reason, and it’s not even remotely frustrating. Ahem.

The book was published on June 27th. But for some reason, the cover seems to have gotten lost in Amazon Glitch Limbo Land. The book and its cover were both uploaded, and the book is live and available to purchase except that if you do … I don’t know if you’re going to get a cover with it.

I don’t know the reason for the glitch.  It hasn’t been explained to me by Amazon. All I know is that the problem is on their end, and there’s nothing I can do except wait for them to fix it. I can’t even tell you if the cover is simply missing from the store, or if it will also be missing if you download it. I haven’t received detailed information.

So I’ve been waiting patiently and holding off posting until the issue is sorted, or until I have clarification of what the issue is, because I don’t want you buying the book if there’s a chance that your download will be missing the cover. I also didn’t want to bore you with the reasons behind the delay. I was simply going to wait until the issue was sorted and say, ‘Yay, new book out now, go download it and enjoy!’

But that was when I believed it’d be a quick fix.  Time is dragging on, and I’ve now been told by Amazon that the issue may not be fixed until July 5th, So I thought I’d better let you know in case you’re:

A: Seeing my book without a cover on Amazon and wondering what the heck is going on


B: Thinking that I’ve been dumb enough to upload a book with no cover, and have therefore lost all faith in me as a writer and a human being.

As I said above, I don’t actually know for sure if the cover is only a non-show on the product page, or if it’s absent when you download it also.  So if any of you guys have downloaded it and there hasn’t been a cover with it, I’ve asked Amazon to make sure to push updates to Kindles as soon as they’ve fixed the problem. If any of you have downloaded it via Kindle Unlimited, then I hope you’ve enjoyed the read 🙂

I’ll post store links to the book as soon as Amazon have correctly added the cover.